Updates and upgrades

There are effectively three or four areas that can potentially be upgraded to improve the performance of your current computer or laptop.

When your computer or laptop is over 5-years old, we will need to make an assessment as to the viability of upgrading.

Microsoft Operating System

07668051-photo-windows-10-logoIn the past we have always been aware that as soon as MS Office is loaded onto a computer, it slows down considerably during boot-up. This problem has been eliminated with the introduction of Windows 10 and MS Office 2016. Read more.

RAM or Memory

computer-ram-250x250If it is physically possible to upgrade your RAM to 4GB, this is most likely more than sufficient to help keep your computer working OK for a few more years.

Disk drive

hddsam3920__1Replacing an old hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid state disk (SSD) will deliver huge performance gains, with some manufacturers boldly offering a 10x disk speed improvement. Read more.

CPU (Central Processing Unit) or Processor

dt_haswell_i7_fb_678x452The CPU is the brain of the computer and its speed is measured in GHz. In most cases it is not practicable to replace or upgrade a CPU because the CPU is aligned very closely to the original socket and ‘firmware’ on the motherboard.

Therefore, if your computer or laptop is already several years old, the replacement of the CPU will be only possible with the faster CPUs built at that time for the particular motherboard socket of the day.

It is not possible to take the latest, fastest CPU and plug it into an old socket. Therefore, any performance gains are likely to be minimal compared with that achieved with options 1-3 (above).

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