Phone 07-262 1000, 7-days, 8am – 8pm.

If we’re busy, you will divert to directly to a senior engineer, and if they are busy, please leave a message and we’ll phone you back the minute we’re off the current calls, free of charge.

Repairs and maintenance

Sound stopped working, mouse causing problems, printer not going, photos not synchronising, Word documents misbehaving? Call us today!

Remote control service

Did you know that we can remote control our customers computers and tablets if they want? Quick resolutions to small problems while we talk on the phone.

First time Silver Service IT visit

What is in it for you? Some options to consider:

  • Configuring Operating System to a user friendly interface
  • Splitting your single disk drive to:
    • C:\ drive – (operating system)
    • D:\ drive – (your files and photos)
    • R:\ drive – (restore area)
  • Reconfiguring the User account to save files automatically onto D:\ drive
  • Making a backup (onto R:\ drive) of System disk (C:\) for future restore purposes
  • Establish back-up rountine for future restore purposes
  • Checking antivirus software is configured and free install if required
  • Installing other necessary software like MS Office
  • Remove unwanted software
  • Configure any internet browsers including Google Chrome and remove unwanted add-on’s and menu-bars
  • Configure smart phone to synchronise with computer (including photos)
  • Configure tablet/iPad to synchronise with computer and smart phone
  • Configure Computer to synchronise with other devices
  • Setup diary/calendar and synchronise between devices
  • Setup email and synchronise between devices
  • Make any other repairs or undertake maintenance as required
  • Scanning for malware or other malicious software code
  • Confirm future upgrade paths for devices/computer
  • Schedule next appointment

Computer rebuilds and upgrades

One of the best actions that can be taken for an old machine that has not been taken care of by Silver Service IT is a clean rebuild. There is nothing better for a computer that has been running slow or spluttering along, than to be given a new Solid State Disk (SSD) and a clean fresh Windows 10 operating system. For a computer, this is considered to be the elixir of life and it is exciting to see the performance that comes thereafter.

Silver Service IT support

If you are an existing customer, we offer various service levels including telephone support combined with remote access by our support staff and/or scheduled onsite maintenance once or twice a year.

Telephone Support

Everyone is entitled to phone and talk to one of our technicians on 07-262 1000. Together we will decide what is the best course of action to solve your problem or answer your questions.

Group Training

If you have a group of 10+ Users who would like to be led through the basic training with one of our experienced technicians, we will come and upgrade all those who bring their technology with them.

Let the games begin. You won’t be disappointed. Synchronisation guaranteed!

Help, I’m stuck

Call 07-262 1000 for more information or support.