About Silver Service IT Ltd

old-people-selfieThe primary purpose and meaning for the existence of Silver Service IT, is to “restore your confidence” with current computer and phone technologies.

As an aside, we also fix broken stuff and at the same time can bring to you, your new equipment rightly configured from the outset.

30-years living, feeling and thinking in IT

In the Bay of Plenty, Silver Service IT is here to build an ongoing positive experience for the mature computer and technology user in a real-time living environment.

We take the know-how of 30-years of end-user training, building computers and repairs, together with our expert knowledge of current technologies, added to our face-to-face customer connections, to permanently put the smiles back where they belong.

computer-elderly_1722300cWe particularly specialise in setting up today’s new technology, so that you can use the computer with ease (including new tablets and phones). This means, you don’t need to learn how to make it work. It just works automatically for you the way you would expect.

How about, when you take a photo with your phone, it arrives on your computer and/or tablet automatically?

Conversation and communication

We can put it right for you, the way, as you may recall; how it is supposed to be working for you. You thought you’d lost your touch? Actually you didn’t. It can still work how you remember it.

old-people-with-ipad-650x0Our technicians will converse directly with you while they work, and questions will be answered about how you use your computer or device, while simultaneously bringing your computer back to a state where it is ready to work for you again – with maximum automation.

Take a photo with your phone to arrive automatically on your computer, or tablet

We can also easily automate the synchronisation between your computer, iPad (tablet) and/or mobile phone.

transferBy example, if you take a photo with your phone, or save a file on your iPad (tablet), it will turn up automatically in a folder on your computer. You don’t even need to press a button, or lift a finger. You already own the technology, now let us make it work for you.

We can also clear up the visual clutter created when software installs itself, but without removing anything. We know how to polish the silver, so to speak. Read more.

New computer, laptop, tablet, printer…

silver-service-itBuying a new computer, or other equipment needed? We can bring this to you and it will look exactly like your old setup, only quicker, with less hassles, but at normal retail prices and with an industry standard warranty.

If we clean build a new machine for you, then only the programs you want get installed and we can restore this new computer at any point in time in the future.

Want to buy your own computer from the shop? Let us configure it for you and make it personal to your needs. Read more.

Updates and upgrades

computer-ram-250x250Can your current technology be upgraded? Maybe it can.

Did you know that old spinning ‘hard disk drives’ (HDD) in a computer, or laptop can be replaced with a ‘solid state disk’ (SSD) with no moving parts that is represented by the manufacturer to be up to 10x faster in performance? We certainly concur with these claims. Read more.

7-days support, 8am – 8pm

silver-service-supportThe technology today is ready to help you. All you need is Silver Service IT to make it exciting again. It is a great time to own a smartphone, tablet and computer when they are correctly configured.

Call us today with your questions, 07-262 1000, 7-days, or write to us at your convenience to: office@silverservice.co.nz, or alternatively use our Contact page.